theSession is based on one of my first app JOBFOLDERS but adds a function to create a session file for CaptureOne v7. theSession also allows you to set the sub-Capture folders names, this means you have the option to have sub-folders that are called
shot_001, shot_002 etc
anythingyoulike_001, anythingyoulike_002.

You will need to add the sub-folder to your session favourites yourself and you will need to shoot the job yourself, hey I cant do everything for you.
to install the app you first need to create a session called “theSession” somewhere on your computer. Add any session albums that you might want. Now you need to copy this session file into the resources folder inside of To do this you right click the app and choose ‘Show Package Contents’ , then find the folder that has a dummy .col50 file. Copy the session that you created into that folder and delete the .col50 file if you like.

Now you are done…. hope you enjoy.


If you are using CaptureOne v6 open the main.scpt and change where it says .col70 to .col50

Below is a link to a new version of theSession that is built for Capture One V7.1.3. it also adds the subfolders to the session favourites.