I’ve recently been working on automating CaptureOne’s session creation so that systematic naming conventions are used to help tracking sessions. As I fork of a much greater project I’ve released this as a public beta of kinds. Feel free to download and use for your own use. Please be aware that it is beta and so should be tested before using on a production.
SessionCreator-for CO10


Explanation of the options.

1/  Base session folder structure is current-date(YYYY-MM-DD)_photographersname(User shortname)_JobNumber or 2017-10-02_rickallen_abc123

2/  Subfolder creation

If create sub folders option is chosen a series of subfolders of the Capture folder are created.

DATE & SHOT will result in folders 17-10-02_SHOT_001 etc

DATE only will result in folders 17-10-02_001 etc


SHOT only will result in folders SHOT_001 etc

3/  Number of subfolders is obvious.

These subfolders are then added as session favorites.


All of these options will saved between subsequent runs of the application.


If you wish to send feedback please use the sites contact form enter SCreator in the subject field.