restart Canon for Cap7

So since the release of CaptureOne 7.0.2 and the inclusion of the new canonSDK, we are still having the issue of having to restart CapOne if the camera is turned off or connection is dropped.
This got me thinking that the whole app doesn’t really need to restart its just the process that manages tethering (CaptureCoreServer)….

Below is an applescript that when placed in the script menu of Capture One can be run after canon disconnection and before reconnection. Then once the dialog pops up in Capture its safe to re-connect the canon.restart-Canon.scpt

This is a little hacky/experimental and will cause CaptureOne to create crash report and MAY create problems with the session file and even settings files, if this doesn’t phase you, as it doesn’t me, then give it a go but please be very cautious.