Auto Lens Correction

While the release of CaptureOne 7.1.3 has seen a great improvement in stability they have added a feature to auto enable lens corrections. Many are finding that the distortion correction set to 100% to be not ideal, myself included.
See the thread over on the PhaseOne forums over here

So here is a script that sets the distortion slider to zero and steps through all the images in the browser.


you can’t run it from the Scripts folder I have loaded an app version that will work properly.
Its a good idea to install the script in the CaptureOne scripts folder. then you can run it from there.


The script is reliant UI Scripting so if you presented with a username password window its to enable that on your System. Also UI Scripting isn’t the most reliable tech and so there is a strong chance you may run into errors or it just may not run. If you have an error I’d love to here from you rick at dot au.