Capture One V7

Phase One launch new version of Capture One.

I have been lucking enough to be involved in the beta program and its been an interesting process.

The Key Highlights.

  • CO7 Engine The new image engine is simply beautiful.
  • Noise suppression is much better than CO6 (though maybe not as good LightRoom).
  • The new gradient mask is great new addition and brushes seem improved.
  • I never really used Clarity tool much in CO6 but in CO7 it a lot nicer and subtler adjustments make it more useful.
  • OpenCL has been added for processing files and if you have a good GPU (like the GTX285 or Quadro 4000) you can see real benefits.
  • And for the Still Lifers. Live View for DSLRs.

The Key Lowlights.

Well, as with all new software, proceed with caution. In my testing I’ve found that at least with this .0 release its not been super stable. I’ve found that it more stable with 10.7.3 than 10.6.8. To the point I would recommend upgrading if you intend to put this into to production environment. Canon tethering is a bit painful disconnects are common. Its a bit of a memory hog. Seems like the code still needs optimising as it will slowly but surely increase its ram usage. Not a massive problem (photoshop been doing it for ages) but would be nice to have fixed for laptop users.


Phase One have release 7.0.1 which goes to resolve a lot of the issues see this CaptureIntegration blog post